15 Expensive Birthday Presents For Your Boyfriend

15 Expensive Birthday Presents For Your Boyfriend

Here are expensive birthday presents to dole out the cash for. So you want to buy your boyfriend a birthday gift that is luxurious and appealing? But you don’t know what to buy him? Maybe, you are short of ideas? If you need fresh ideas on what gifts he would most likely appreciate, well, this article is just for you, Girl! We will be listing 15 different and handsome looking birthday gifts that you can buy for your boyfriend that will leave him in awe. He will definitely love you more and cherish you more for this. Even more than before!

These gifts listed below are definitely expensive just like you asked and are certainly not cheap. We know that you want something luxurious for your boyfriend and that both you and your boyfriend have a high and top taste in things. Scroll down to check our amazing birthday gift ideas and collection. Read up on their individual specifications, prices and follow the attached links to their Amazon page to buy them. If you have a lover, one way to show them, love, is to shower them with gifts.

Gifts are very important and are a whole different love language on its own. Lavish your partner with gifts! Make them feel loved and cherished. This is one of the many ways to love them

Let us get to the expensive birthday presents for your boyfriend, shall we?

Expensive Birthday Presents 1. Rolex Wristwatch

expensive birthday presents

There are a number of ROLEX wristwatches on Amazon, but we are picking this Rolex Rainbow Yacht Master Everose Diamond Dial for you to buy. Why? What makes it so special? Firstly, it is for adults and is unisex. This means that it will fit you as an adult whether you are male or female. But since you are getting it for your boyfriend, then it will definitely fit him. Its display type is Analog and is of course made by the Rolex brand. This Diamond studded Wristwatch costs $135,000.
Since you are looking for something expensive, this watch definitely meets this requirement. The watch has a rainbow lining and would make the perfect birthday for him. Wristwatches are a fantastic idea as a gift for a male. Especially for males as it makes men look smarter and more confident. It will also help him look more masculine and be able to keep up with his appointments without getting late.
You should definitely have this in mind as one important luxurious gift you can buy for him. Wristwatches always rock! If you would love to buy, simply click the link HERE.

Expensive Birthday Presents 2. Apple Sports 42mm Smart Watch

expensive birthday presents

This watch costs $234.99 on Amazon. The link to buy is HERE.
This watch will make a perfect gift for your boyfriend. As it is also luxurious and expensive enough, it will definitely meet your taste. It can only be connected to an iPhone though. So, you know that if you are going to get your boyfriend this gift, he has to have an iPhone already. It doesn’t work with Android phones. Some of its features are;

In built Heart Rate Monitor

This watch helps to monitor your heart rate. This watch uses a number of Leads and sensors to know how much your heart is working. The heart rate monitor takes a reading of how hard your heart is working and stores it in the Health App of your iPhone. So, you can always go there to check your health history.

Make payments with your Watch

 Using Apple Pay, you can pay for your goods and services online without having to reach for your wallet. You can add your credit cards to Apple Pay so that you can easily carry out online transactions.

You can also keep track of your health and fitness all through your watch.

The Activity App allows you to keep track of your daily activity goals. It measures how much you stand, sit or exercise. It also shows how much calories you have burned and how many minutes of exercise you have done.

Manage notifications

This watch allows you to control and manage notifications on your iPhone. You can dismiss these notifications if you are not interested and choose which notifications you want to appear.
You can see that this Watch is definitely worth its salt. It was released in 2015.

Expensive Birthday Presents 3. Luxury 24K Gold Plated Cuban Chain Necklace

expensive birthday presents

This luxurious necklace would fit your man very well. It costs $87.00 on Amazon and also comes with a gift case. It is a real 18-carat yellow Gold necklace that will definitely stand out on him. Although it is not really costly, it will definitely stand the test of time. It won’t fade with use, unlike other cheaper necklaces that would. It is also made of real Gold and is very solid, shiny and heavy as well. Another disadvantage of cheap chains is that they can cause allergic reactions on your skin.
This Good plated Cuban Chain is so different from these and doesn’t cause any skin allergic reaction. It is also crafted to last a lifetime. To get it, kindly follow the link below to shop for it on their Amazon page. It costs $87.00.
Buy it HERE.

Expensive Birthday Presents 4. iPhone X

expensive birthday presents

This phone costs $1,060 on Amazon and if you would wish to buy it, just click here at Amazon.
iPhone X is a new phone on the market that you should definitely have your eyes on. It makes a perfect birthday present for your boyfriend. It is luxurious enough and will impress your boyfriend. The iPhone X has so many amazing features and details that make it unique and better than the other iPhone models. It also ships to a good number of countries all over the world, that is, in case your boyfriend does not reside in the same country as you. iPhone X is a hot cake in the phone market right now and will definitely impress you with its performance. It has 62 Gigabyte storage space which means your boyfriend will never run out of space to store his photos, music, and videos. It also has improved camera and is engineered for wireless charging. It is also water and dust resistant.

Expensive Birthday Presents 5. JBL Bar 3.1 Starter Theatre System

This theatre system is one of the best in surround-sound systems. Gift this to your boyfriend so that he can add it to his living room and upgrade his TV. This theatre system also has Bluetooth added to its amazing features which means that it can collect media from your phone, desktop or TV! Cool? You should definitely let your boyfriend have a taste of this. It costs $488.95. If you would love to shop for it, just click here.

Expensive Birthday Presents 6. Caron Paris For Men Eau de Toilette

expensive birthday presents

This fragrance is another scent that your boyfriend will definitely love. It makes a fantastic birthday present for him. It costs $390 which is quite the cost though. This perfume is recommended for a romantic touch and has a unique blend of Lavender, Amber, and Vanilla. He will definitely love it.
If you would love to buy this present for him, click here; https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000C1UBWO/ref=sspa_mw_detail_0?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Expensive Birthday Presents 7. Shark Cufflinks Sterling Silver

expensive birthday presents

Shop for the perfect cufflinks for your boyfriend’s shirts with this luxurious and yet stylish cufflinks. The Shark Cufflinks are specially handcrafted and come in the color of Sterling Silver. It is made of exclusive design and expertise and is manufactured by ZAUNICK. This cufflinks cost $184.00 on Amazon and is certainly a beauty to behold. It also ships to several countries in case your boyfriend is not currently residing in the U.S.A.
If you would love to buy this present for him, simply click here; https://www.amazon.com/ZAUNICK-Shark-Cufflinks-Sterling-Silver/dp/B002SUW0KI

Expensive Birthday Presents 8.  Canon PowerShot G9

expensive birthday presents

This camera by the Canon Company costs $429.00 on Amazon. Help your boyfriend to effectively capture amazing moments and memories with his friends, family and of course with you as well. A camera is important for this purpose! Not just anyhow camera, but a high-quality camera that will take the picture so sharply and beautifully well. The Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II is just perfect for capturing the beauty and style of your lover’s life! Apart from taking photos, it also takes videos very well.
You have a beautiful moment you want him to have a chance to capture into a video? Look no further. This camera is the solution! It has a 1.0 inch CMOS Sensor, 20.1 megapixel, pocket-friendly, and is powered by DIGIC 7 Image Processor. Allow your boyfriend the awesome opportunity to capture life in stunning ways all through a camera.
Click the link HERE to buy it for him!

Expensive Birthday Presents 9. LAB Series Max LS Age-Less Face Cream

expensive birthday presents

It costs just $80.70 but it is fairly expensive for a face cream so therefore it is luxurious enough for him. The Max LS Age-Less cream is one face lotion that will help to keep your boyfriend always looking sweet and forever Young. You definitely don’t want your boyfriend to start aging immaturely. You don’t want to start seeing wrinkles on his face when he is just 30 years old. No, you don’t. This face cream does the job of reclaiming your facial skin from wrinkles and aging. It is proudly made by Sirtuin technology. It is indeed a highly advanced moisturizer.
If you would like to get this for him, click the link HERE to buy!

Expensive Birthday Presents 10. Celestron Power Seeker Telescope

expensive birthday presents

If your boyfriend is a lover of astronomy, then getting him a telescope could be the perfect birthday gift! If he loves to Star gaze and look at the night sky, an equipment that will help him look at the stars clearer and see the moon more visibly would definitely get him happy!

To shop for this present, kindly click on the link HERE to BUY.

Expensive Birthday Presents 11. Beats Studio Wireless Over-ear Headphones

expensive birthday presents

If your boyfriend loves music, then it surely makes sense that you buy him a headphone. Now, not just any type of headphone, but a quality headphone like this one from Beats Studio.
It costs $296.00 on Amazon. To shop for this headphone for your boyfriend, just click here.

Expensive Birthday Presents 12. Oliver Peoples Eyewear Sunglasses

expensive birthday presents

Sunglasses are another top-notch birthday present for your boyfriend. A classy, trendy and charming sunglass like this one will make him fall in love with you all over again. It costs $455 which means it is not too costly but luxurious enough. It has etched metal arms and smoky frames. It is an important fashion item you should get your boyfriend especially during summer or sunny periods. He will definitely remember you every time he wears it to go out.
To shop for this present for your boyfriend, click here.

Expensive Birthday Presents 13. X Rocker Pro Series Video Gaming Chair

expensive birthday presents

This chair is for your boyfriend if he loves to play video games. Perhaps you know that he has a PlayStation console but he sits on the sofa or couch to play his games. You can make it a more thrilling experience for him by buying him a video gaming chair like this one! It costs just $143.65 for lots of amazing voice, audio and video interactions.
To buy this chair for your boyfriend, simply click here.

Expensive Birthday Presents 14. PlayStation 4 Pro ITB Console

expensive birthday presents

This $550 dollars worth Console is Amazon’s choice currently for gaming enthusiasts if you know that your boyfriend is a fan of video games, you might want to gift him this fabulous gift. It comes with so many amazing features like your boyfriend can play online with friends, powerful graphics, high performance, 4K TV gaming, comes with HDR Technology and displays colors vibrantly. It is rated highly on Amazon and it is a great way that your boyfriend can burn off steam.
It costs $550.62 on Amazon. If you would love to buy this, click here.

Expensive Birthday Presents 15. Attitude by Giorgio Armani Cologne Spray for Men

This Cologne spray by Giorgio Armani which contains 2.5oz or 75ml for specially formulated for men. The Giorgio Armani brand is a well-known brand for perfumes and cologne and they churn out decent brands of scents that are pleasing to the senses. This scent called Attitude costs $359.95 on Amazon and is definitely costly enough for apologize if you compare prices with other scents. It is indeed a top quality fragrance to gift your boyfriend on his birthday. And he will definitely appreciate it.
It costs $359.95 on Amazon and you can follow the link here to shop.

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